May 17 is World-Hypertension-Day: Effective relaxation: How to regulate blood pressure in a natural way

In addition to smoking, high blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors for heart attacks, cardiac insufficiency and strokes. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in western countries. That is why World Hypertension Day, the day of high blood pressure, on May 17 puts the focus of public attention to this illness.

Aside from an unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercise, the risk factors for high blood pressure include first and foremost a phenomenon with which many people struggle in our hectic times: constant stress.

High blood pressure is an insidious illness: for a long time, it doesn't cause any symptoms – and once typical signs like heart palpitations, flushing or a pulsating sound in the ears become apparent, the blood pressure is already much too high. And that is very dangerous: anyone with consistent high blood pressure is at acute risk of heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

Many high blood pressure patients are unaware, however, that there is a completely natural way to combat high blood pressure – taking regular sauna baths in a “Sanarium”, the particularly mild and pleasant sauna variation offered by KLAFS. That is the result of a scientific study carried out years ago by Dr. Hans-Joachim Winterfeld at the renowned Charité University Hospital in Berlin. According to this study, this treatment can be used to alleviate high blood pressure to the point of normalisation, without any medication. When used as a form of medical treatment, the temperatures in this sauna variation, which is easy on the circulatory system, lie between 46°C and 60°C, while relative humidity lies between 40% and 55%.

Dr. Winterfeld has prescribed regular sauna sessions in a “Sanarium” as the only measure to over 40 high blood pressure patients and observed their cardiovascular behaviour for over two years. The results of the study are impressive: over a third of the patients (38%) experienced a normalisation of their blood pressure. The “Sanarium” treatment also partly significantly reduced the resting blood pressure and heart rate in patients. The clear conclusion drawn by scientists is that regular sauna baths in the “Sanarium” by KLAFS had a positive influence on elevated blood pressure (at least two visits per week, two sessions of 8 to 10 min. each, seated on the second level). To cool off, scientists recommend that patients with cardiovascular disorders take a shower at temperatures between 12°C and 14°C.

Physicians also recommend the “Sanarium” for people suffering from low blood pressure who may as a result be experiencing dizziness and fatigue. Effective relaxation in the “Sanarium” significantly improves peripheral microcirculation as well as the blood supply of vessels in the arms and legs. In many cases, this leads to a normalisation of blood pressure after just a few weeks.

Physicians conclude that regular heat treatment in the “Sanarium” is an effective application for high blood pressure patients as well as for people with low blood pressure, and it is guaranteed to have no side effects. Dr. Winterfeld also noticed that 60% of patients experienced a general improvement in performance and quality of life (better sleep behaviour, higher level of vigilance).

From a medical perspective, it is also interesting that the acceptance of the measure by a patient is important for any treatment of high blood pressure. In this regard, the “Sanarium” also performs exceptionally well. All participants in the study evaluated the treatment as very positive and showed a 100 percent acceptance of this absolutely natural method of regulating blood pressure.