The Secret to More “Sauna Cosiness”

MOLLIS the sauna cushions and mats from KLAFS

Is lying and sitting on wood part of a sauna bath? Of course...but it can be more comfortable and cosier: With the innovative and award-winning MOLLIS sauna cushions and mats, which are soft, comfortable and feel especially ideal under sauna conditions.

Wood is crucial to the sauna climate and the smell of wood is unique. Nothing contributes more to a healthy and restorative sauna bath. But after some time it can become uncomfortable to lie on wood, especially because people are staying in saunas longer and more often due to many health-promoting innovations, such as the SANARIUM®dry salt inhalation or additional infra-red devices that enhance the sauna experience. As a global market leader in the field of saunas, pools ans spas, KLAFS has delivered an innovative and comfortable solution with the MOLLIS sauna textiles. The cushions and mats make it possible to sit and lie comfortably in the sauna.

Most sauna-goers lie on wood due to a lack of alternatives: mats and cushions that are suitable for the sauna never existed before – so people are content sitting on the wooden bench with their sauna towel. After all the key aspect is the heat, the tranquility and the benefits for the body that a sauna bath provides. But no later than the second attempt at trying to find a more comfortable position on the sauna bench you find yourself asking the following question: Could this be more comfortable?

Yes, it can. MOLLIS, borrowed from the Latin adjective for "soft" and "comfortable", is a series of mats, neck rolls and cushions in various sizes specially designed for the sauna. For more than a year, KLAFS specialists have now invested in the development of a series, which has become the textile standard for saunas.

A number of challenges had to be mastered during development: the cushions and mats must not feel too hot in the sauna, the fabric should be OEKO-TEX certified and environmentally friendly and have an optimal moisture behaviour, and the cover and inlay must be washable up to 60°C. In short: Our MOLLIS should not only be comfortable, but also free of hazardous substances, hygienic, practical and look good. We succeeded in this endeavour with selected materials, high quality production and some tests for suitability to be used in the sauna.

The sauna textiles consist of two components: The fabric cover and the innovative inlays. The basis of the cushion and mat covers is the sustainably produced Lyocell fibre, the production of which is much more resource and environmentally-friendly than cotton. The interior of the MOLLIS surprises with so-called 3D spacer fabric. Since it is permeable to air and is lightweight, cushions and mats are not perceived as unpleasantly hot and also do not absorb moisture. Sweat and bacteria have no chance.  

Whether brown, ivory, blue or light green, whether big or small, cushion, roll or mat - everyone can use the Mollis to furnish the sauna according to their taste in a comfortable, lasting and homely way.

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Image 1: Relax in the sauna with the whole family. It sounds like the perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries to face hectic everyday life. With the MOLLIS sauna cushions and mats from KLAFS, not only can you enjoy the tranquility completely unburdened, but also lie down comfortably and softly.   

Image 2: Fine ambience meets cosiness: MOLLIS in subdued colours make the lounge character of the sauna perfect.