KLAFS Wellnessbad mit Sauna AURA

Custom made AURA sauna in small bathroom alcove

A lot of sauna pleasure in a small space

A few years ago, the young family realized a big dream by building their own house. Now another dream has come true: their own sauna in the bathroom.

Individually planned and installed to measure

Finally, the niche in the bathroom, which was already intended for a sauna during the house planning, fulfills its purpose. For several years the corner was hardly used. With their little sauna room - perfectly integrated into the bathroom - the family is now very happy.

"The space allocated for the sauna was limited. Nevertheless, we managed to use the space perfectly and give the sauna an elegant and chic design. The large glass front gives the sauna an open and inviting character, the benches appear floating and thus the interior of the sauna is not overcrowded," explains Manuel Benna, technical consultant at KLAFS. Together with the family, he planned the sauna individually and adapted it exactly to the given space situation. "The fact that the sauna was planned in the bathroom from the beginning has a decisive advantage: There is no need for an extra shower and cool-down area, as the shower for cold cooling down after a sauna session is directly opposite." The sauna completes the family bathroom and makes it a real wellness bath, because a spacious walk-in shower and a free-standing bathtub were already present.

Comfortably furnished and staged with lighting

Inside the sauna is cozy and stylish at the same time: The CLARA sauna light, with its ornamental pattern milled in wood, radiates coziness and creates a warm atmosphere. You can lie softly and comfortably thanks to the MOLLIS® sauna cushions and mats. The innovative textiles from KLAFS have not only been specially developed for sauna conditions, but are also washable and completely recyclable.

5 forms of bathing in the AURA sauna thanks to SANARIUM®

The AURA sauna measures 1.50 x 1.80 meters and is suitable for two to three people. The FERO sauna heater ensures a perfect climate of well-being. The flocked visible sides of the attractive and compact free-standing sauna heater protect against burning. Especially when children go to the sauna with you, this is a decisive advantage. And there is certainly no shortage of variety, because the young family has chosen a SANARIUM®. The SANARIUM® allows five different climate zones in one sauna. Besides the classic Finnish sauna, there is the tropical bath, the warm air bath, the aroma bath and finally the soft steam bath. This allows each family member to choose the sauna climate they like best and nothing stands in the way of a relaxing family day.

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