Steam baths & steam shower by KLAFS


A blessing for body and soul: bathing in hot steam increases your sense of well-being and benefits your health in equal measure. Prepare to be delighted by our wide range of uniquely beautiful steam baths – and choose your own personal favourite.

Solid steam bath at Gradonna Mountain Resort, Austria.

All solid steam baths feature thermal insulation, heated benches, floors, heat-proof and moisture-proof lights and particularly low-maintenance surfaces. Lined with finest materials, you can tailor these steam baths to your personal preferences and spatial requirements.

Customised steam bath: Acrylic, ceramic or stone.

Acrylic, ceramic or stone – our steam baths cater to your personal preferences. The materials can be combined at will in accordance with your own personal wishes. Whether you favour luxury ceramic tiles, Bisazza mosaic tiles, marble, or unpretentious but top-quality stoneware – we’ll be delighted to cater to any and every wish for your bespoke steam bath. In your bathroom, by your pool, or in your own private spa area.

Acrylic steam bath D6

Fully insulated shell made from hygienic, low-maintenance acrylic. The CIRCOSTEAM ventilation system distributes the steam evenly throughout the room. With its intelligent controls, the sturdy vaporiser creates the desired climate. Thanks to excellent insulation, this climate is then held inside the room for a sustained period of time.

Glass steam bath D12 Oro Nero.

The modular aluminium/glass wall structure (AGW) consists of a light and strong aluminium frame construction and elaborately insulated glass elements. Thanks to the handy modular design, you can tailor the size of the bath to your requirements and arrange the benches just as you wish, enabling you to enjoy your dream steam bath.

Steam shower VALLEY.
Steam Shower

KLAFS’s steam showers offer maximum enjoyment with a small footprint. Thanks to the combination of a shower and a steam bath, the relaxing steam experience turns into a refreshing cooling-off phase.