Deep relaxation on fine stone.
Deep relaxation on fine stone.

HOMBRE steam bath

  • Individual solid steam bath
  • Covered with elegant porcelain stoneware

Deep relaxation on fine stone.

The temptation to bathe in warm steam takes on a particularly solid form in our solid steam baths. For example, the HOMBRE model offers many different layouts and is covered with elegant porcelain stoneware.

HOMBRE steam bath equipment

Interior design

The HOMBRE steam bath lined with sophisticated materials is adaptable to your every wish and living space. With the magnificent STARRY HEAVEN, automatic aromatic infusions and innovative TOUCHCONTROL, there are many other beautiful, practical, and comfortable extras to suit your every need.

Steam generator

The modern KLAFS steam generator technology enables water quality-independent steam generation with easy maintenance. The "steam blast" can provide additional variety in your bathing program: Air jets push rising steam from the ceiling back onto your body at the touch of a button - just like an intense sauna infusion.


  • Steam bath cabin made of moisture-resistant lightweight elements. 
  • Surfaces with high-quality stoneware tiles.  
  • Heated seats and vapor-proof ceiling radiators.  
  • Newly developed steam inlet PSI.  
  • Wall-mounted hose fitting. 
  • Energy efficient with the KLAFS Green Steam package. 
  • Assembly by our trained specialist fitters.  

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History and effect of the steam bath.

The steam bath has an ancient history. The Greeks were familiar with it, and for the Romans it was an integral part of bathing culture known as the "Sudatorium". With the Romans it also reached the East, where it has survived to this day as a Turkish steam bath. But steam bathing has also been common in Northern Russia for centuries. Steam bathing is not only popular, but also healthy. It is a pleasant sweat bath, similar to the sauna, but within an entirely different climate: not so hot and much more humid. For many, it is the low bathing temperatures between 43 - 46 °C and the relative humidity of 100% that are considered ideal for relaxation. But the benefits do not stop there - the hot steam is particularly beneficial for respiratory diseases and rheumatic complaints. The effect of the steam can be further enhanced by adding fragrances and flavours from medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices. The moist warmth of the steam bath is also highly beneficial for your skin as it promotes healthy blood circulation whilst both cleansing and revitalising. 

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