sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®

  • Collagen-forming
  • Gentle, long-term tanning

The beneficial properties of the sun - for your home

The early advanced civilizations worshiped the sun as a deity. Quite understandable - when you consider what a positive effect warmth and sunlight can have on our psyche. When the sun shines, we are more vital and relaxed; our mood rises. You can also enjoy these positive properties of the sun at home - with the KLAFS sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®.

sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®

Sunbathing close to nature

Positive effects

The use of sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K stimulates collagen formation and thus the natural renewal processes of the skin. A gentle tanning effect is created with sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® U. Melanin - responsible for the tanning of the skin - is newly formed in the process, while gentle UV rays primarily stimulate the transfer of existing melanin to the upper layers of the skin.

Beauty sleep

The tanning facility sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® tanning device, combined with the SWAY pendulum lounger, promises a true beauty sleep and, thanks to the distance and spatial freedom, gives a feeling of sunbathing like in the great outdoors.

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sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® equipment

sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® U

sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE ® U tanning device uses UV rays to ensure a natural, long-lasting tan and higher vitamin D production in the body. With its elegant, sleek design, it is available in a choice of silver gray or snow metallic.

sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K

sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE ® K tanning device stimulates collagen formation and thus the skin's regeneration process with beneficial heat rays. It makes the skin look smoother and firmer. With its elegant, sleek design, it is available in a choice of silver gray or snow metallic.


  • Enjoy the positive effects of heat and sunlight at home.
  • sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® U for a natural, long-lasting tan and higher vitamin D production in the body.
  • sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K with beneficial heat rays to stimulate the regeneration process of the skin for tightening and smoothing.
  • Elegant, sleek design in silver gray or snow metallic.
  • The ideal complement for your KLAFS relaxation room.

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Light and heat 365 days a year at the touch of a button

In fall, winter and spring, due to short days and few hours of sunshine, there is little time to enjoy the sun and natural light. With the sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE®, you can counteract the winter blues. sIn addition, with sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K, collagen-forming rays stimulate the natural renewal processes of the skin and worn or broken skin structures are renewed - the skin becomes fresher and firmer. sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® K is therefore particularly suitable for beauty applications, while sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® U tans and helps build up vitamin D. Other advantages of gentle sunbathing with sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® include: Comfortable tanning without the constricting feeling of ordinary solariums, instant pigmentation, gentle long-term tanning, the pleasant Mediterranean warmth and tanning as a biological protection against the harmful effects of excessive solar radiation. The sunlit meadow SONNENWIESE® can be wonderfully combined with the SWAY pendulum lounger for perfect relaxation.


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