D12 Vario onsen room

Dampfbad D12 Vario

D12 Vario onsen room

5 spa experiences rolled into one.


Onsen room

Dampfbad D12 Vario Interieur

Onsen rooms originated in Japan. Here, onsens are public bathing facilities which use the water from naturally hot springs, engulfing bathers in soft clouds of steam. The D12 Vario replicates this experience and offers numerous health benefits: it increases blood circulation, stimulates the cardiovascular system and metabolism, relaxes and fortifies you, and helps muscles to relax. Floating in the warm water also relieves strain on joints.

Steam room

Dampfbad D12 Vario Innenansicht

As well as taking a bath, you can also enjoy a steam bath in the D12 Vario. The humid warmth of a steam bath makes you feel healthier and happier – not only during the winter months. And to make the experience even more atmospheric, we’ve fitted a coloured light into the ceiling which bathes the entire D12 in any colour to fit your mood. All you have to do now is choose your favourite fragrance – and voilà, your bathroom is transformed into a spa paradise.

Shower & bath

Dampfbad D12 Vario Kinder

The expansive shower above the reclining area offers cold or hot hydrotherapy showers. Three programmes which combine water temperature and volume are available: balancing, stimulating, and relaxing. The integrated bath invites guests to soak and relax.

Shower & cooling off

Dampfbad D12 Vario Dusche

The shower is an integral part of any spa, whether it is used to get clean or to cool down after a sauna or steam bath. Not only does the sudden cooling effect invigorate you, but it also causes enlarged blood vessels to contract again. And naturally, you won’t need a separate shower in your bathroom once you have the D12 Vario.




  • The D12 Vario onsen room by KLAFS offers 5 spa experiences rolled into one.
  • A genuine all-rounder when it comes to water.
  • Combination of steam room and bath.
  • The expansive shower area and a second shower offer cold or hot showers.
  • Coloured lights create shifting moods in the D12 Vario.
  • The subtle colours of the Argento Bianco version of the D12 Vario speak for themselves.
  • Installed by our trained professionals.