Steam showers by KLAFS

Dampfdusche, Valley: Innenansicht

Steam showers by KLAFS

Minimum space requirements, maximum indulgence.



Even if you don’t have much room to spare, there’s no need to abandon the dream of installing your own steam room...

Because KLAFS steam showers have succeeded in packing maximum indulgence into minimum space requirements. By combining the shower with the steam room, you can now follow a relaxing steam bath with a refreshing shower. A space-saving cupboard has been integrated for the vaporiser system. The temperature can be adjusted up to 48° C.

Glass mosaic tiles, porcelain stoneware or natural stone – be as creative as you like. Thanks to the fact that the generator takes up so little room, you’ll have plenty of space to play with. Whether you want to cool down after the sauna, or really get your blood circulation going.


Valley steam shower

Die Dampfdusche Valley besteht aus feuchtebeständigen Leichtbauelementen.

The Valley steam shower blends harmoniously with your bathroom,  can accommodate up to two people comfortably, and offers bespoke designs for an amazing steam shower experience. On request, Valley steam showers by KLAFS are also available with hinged wooden seats, an illuminated recess and RAINMAKER. The cabin is made of lightweight moisture-proof elements, and surfaces are tiled with luxury glass mosaic or stoneware tiles. The technology is cleverly concealed in an integrated cupboard.


Dampfdusche, Valley: mit RAINMAKER

The Valley steam shower with RAINMAKER and illuminated recess.

Cooling down

Dampfdusche, Valley: Innenansicht

Cool off with the Kneipp hose.




  • Shower and steam room in one cabin.
  • Space-saving vaporiser technology in an integrated recess.
  • Bespoke hand-held shower attachment with shower rail and single lever mixer tap.
  • Touchscreen to control cabin functions.
  • Installed by our trained professionals.