Infrarot-Zusatzausstattung InfraPLUS: Wunderbare Bereicherung für die Sauna

Infrared InfraPLUS optional package

Warmth is the best medicine.


Warmth which strengthens your back

KLAFS hat erstmals die SensoCare Infrarot-Wärmetechnik in die Sauna integriert.

Many years, ago, people realised that targeting heat onto your back has a soothing, relaxing and analgesic effect. With InfraPLUS, infrared-C radiation generates radiant energy to warm your back more intensely. Not only is InfraPLUS a wonderful addition to your sauna and SANARIUM®, it’s also a very meaningful one – because it means you no longer need to install a separate infrared heat cabin. KLAFS is the first company ever to integrate SensoCare infrared heat technology by Physiotherm into a sauna.

Adjustable backrest

Infrarot-Zusatzausstattung InfraPLUS: Wärme ist das beste Rezept.

To ensure you sit comfortably even on particularly low sauna benches, the backrest can be adjusted forwards into a number of positions.  So you can always make yourself comfortable – whether you’re enjoying an infrared session or a sauna.

SensoCare infrared heat technology by Physiotherm

SensoCare Infrarot-Technik passt die Intensität der Strahlung automatisch Ihrer Haut an.

In order for the infrared source to unfold its full soothing effect without overstressing your skin, four SensoCare sensors inside the infrared heater measure the temperature of your skin remotely during the entire course of the session and adjust the intensity of the radiation accordingly – very gently and completely automatically.


Infrarot-Zusatzausstattung InfraPLUS: Wählen Sie eine der drei Einstellungsstufen: Soft, Medium oder Intensiv.

Choose from three settings: soft, medium or intensive. As soon as you lean back, the session begins. Thanks to the sauna heater, you can heat up the cabin rapidly to a cosy 27°-35°C whenever you fancy a quick infrared session.

Plus X Award for InfraPLUS

Which promptly won the world’s most prestigious innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle, the Plus X Award. The optional InfraPLUS extra for saunas scored points in the following categories: high quality, design, ease of use and functionality.




  • With InfraPLUS, infrared-C radiation warms your back intensively.
  • Targeted heat with intensity regulated automatically via
    four SensoCare sensors.
  • Backrest can be adjusted to various levels.
  • Complies with RAL guidelines for infrared heat cabins.
  • Life-long guarantee for the patented low-temperature ceramic heater.