The basis of sauna bathing - Spa Basics Lite by KLAFS

The key mechanism behind sauna bathing is the alternation between heat and cold. A warm-up and cool-down phase is therefore indispensable. To support the positive healthy effects of a sauna, KLAFS is now offering Spa Basics Lite: a new range specifically oriented to the requirements of properly warming up and cooling down. If you wish to exploit the full efficacy of a sauna and do something good for yourself, you cannot go wrong with Spa Basics Lite: the bathing features for the time in between, suitable for any spa.

Heat and cold stimulate and improve blood flow. Taking a sauna without a foot bath is like having a meal without a starter. A foot bath prior to a session in the sauna promotes perspiration and stimulates blood circulation, something that helps against cold feet. This is recommended in order to get the body accustomed to the heat. Many physical reactions start out in the feet. A cold foot bath, moreover, is perfect after a sauna and between sauna sessions in order to reinforce the effects of the sauna. The cold water causes the blood vessels to constrict, preventing the pooling of blood in the legs.

After the cool-down, a warm foot bath substantially promotes the effect of the sauna, since the
blood vessels dilate causing the body to reach its normal temperature again. The LITE-C1 Foot
Basin can be easily installed with little effort anywhere in the spa. The base frame and basin rim
tap are hooked up to the client’s floor drain. A new type of “click system” allows the basin to be
easily installed in the frame. Optimum ease of use and functionality provide for the maximum in
relaxation and well-being. The Lite Bench completes the Foot Basin, not only because the seating
height and dimensions go with the Foot Basin, but the design itself creates a sense of unity.
Both features are particularly durable and easy to clean in day-to-day operations. The Spa Basics line is complemented by the Lite Plunge Pool. Suitable for any wellness area, its sleek shape and puristic design are most attractive. And the added bonus is: it can be installed either at floor-level or freestanding. Whichever way, it is easy to take the plunge.

That special feeling following a session in the sauna is only achieved after properly cooling
down. Relaxed, invigorated and feeling like new – Spa Basics Lite give you the basis for sauna
bathing: this is what cool down is today!

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