Beat the winter blues

The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting dull, and dry heating air attacks the skin and airways: it's no surprise that we are often irritable in winter and that the winter blues gets us down. But there's something we can do about it. What we call the winter blues actually has very simple causes: in the darker months, we lack light, exercise and fresh air – and as a result we experience a kind of sluggish listlessness that makes the symptoms even worse.

That's why experts advise that we should take advantage of every opportunity to treat our body to daylight and fresh air – even if it is just a short stroll at lunchtime. And if you really want to beat the winter blues, you have to make sure you treat your body to sunlight. A particularly pleasant way to do this is with the "Sonnenwiese" ("Sun Meadow") by KLAFS, the market leader in the sauna, pool and spa sector. It is mounted to the ceiling and supplies us with beneficial heat and sunlight while we relax on a comfortable lounger or couch. It increases vitamin D production in the body, which is reduced in the winter months due to lack of natural sunlight – one of the main reasons why this season always gets us down.

There is a second miracle cure for the winter blues – and again, KLAFS is the place to go. Especially in winter, body and soul enjoy beneficial heat that allows us to relax and regenerate. What better place for to unwind and draw new strength than the sauna? Numerous studies have shown that a sauna aids nervous harmonisation, restores hormonal balance and releases endorphins. Anyone who regularly visits a sauna feels permanently balanced.

And regular sauna sessions are also very beneficial for the skin and airways, which are exposed to particular stress during the winter months due to the dry heating air. The skin is cleaned and provided with important nutrients and minerals – especially in the “sanarium”, which combines the positive effects of a sauna and a steam bath.

People with respiratory disorders in particular can benefit from the optimal addition of applying Microsalt with high-grade dry salt. This thoroughly cleans the airways down to the finest alveoli. Regular applications can also support the immune system.

With the new battery–powered Microsalt "SaltProX" in a handy format, now every sauna or sanarium can easily be converted into a salt inhalation room – a perfect combination for wellness.

You can easily beat the winter blues by bringing the sun into your home with the "Sonnenwiese" and investing in your own sauna or "sanarium".

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