The new steam bath D6 made by KLAFS

There is an important principle for successful design which is completely independent from the zeitgeist: Form follows function. Therefore good product design is not only characterized by timeless beauty but, above all, by clear functional benefits.

With its new steam bath D6, KLAFS, as the market leader in the fields of sauna, pool and spa, succeeded in realizing this design philosophy which has been presented at the FIBO exhibition in Cologne to the public for the first time.

Consequently minimalistic in design and yet fascinatingly diverse in appearance – this is how the latest innovation from KLAFS can be summarized. Thus, the D6 which is available in two different cabin heights, is designed as a modular system in all respects. Therefore, it offers various options, both in size and layout as well as in terms of optical design.

Clear and cubic shapes characterize the interior design and let the room appear bright and wide. This impression is reinforced by the new and unique design of the seats: They are not an integral part of the cabin but self-supporting and removable. This structural separation of the cab and the benches not only provides a new and modern look but also a real functional advantage: Thereby, water accumulation on the benches may be prevented. The hot water vapour condensing at walls and ceiling creates water drops which run freely down the walls behind the benches.

Also from the ceiling, no water can drop on the benches: Sloping elements are placed over the seating areas which effectively avoid dripping. For the D6, KLAFS has newly developed this also very appealing roof shape perfectly fitting with its cubic basic shapes in the consistent and purist
overall design concept.

The seating comfort in the D6 is particularly high – not only due to these structural tricks which
ensure a comfortable and dry surface. The benches, which are mounted on an extremely solid
and durable but visually yet light appearing metal frame, are made of high-class and resistant
solid surface material. This material not only looks like a natural stone but also feels very pleasant
on the skin due to its smooth and warm surface. Furthermore, it can be easily cleaned. The
foldable benches allow an easy access to the bottom.

Material: KLAFS produces the walls and the ceiling of the D6 with high-class acrylic glass – a
popular and reliable material for many applications. This material has not only many technical
advantages but also inspires due tom its silky shine and absolutely smooth surface. Acrylic glass is
not only robust and durable but also particularly easy to clean because of its smooth surface.

Besides these technical advantages, KLAFS has consistently used another important advantage of
acrylic glass: This material offers many opportunities in order to realize your own design ideas.
Thus, KLAFS offers the D6 in different versions with a wide range of different styles.

For those who like a minimalistic and modern design, the all-white D6 or the D6 Black, where
black walls and the ceiling are combined with elements in dark anthracite, is the perfect choice.

The design of the D6 ColourLine is very youthful and fresh: Here, KLAFS combines the white
ceiling and the white walls left and right from the door with coloured walls behind the benches –
depending on your personal taste, either single-coloured or in several different colours.

With the edition D6 PictureLine, KLAFS offers an even more individual way in order to fit
customers’ ideas: Here, pictured walls draws the attention, see proposed example from KLAFS in form of a bouquet of colourful poppies. By the way, any picture is possible provided that the image quality is sufficient for this amazingly sharp print.

Fascination: A completely different, particularly exclusive and absolutely amazing look has the D6 Diamond. Here, a fine gold mesh inlay in the black walls behind the benches letting the black walls shine and sparkle charmingly – especially when the starry sky, which is an option for all D6 types, sets the scene with its countless points of light.

Consequently minimalistic in design and yet fascinatingly various in appearance – with the new D6, KLAFS once again clearly shows why the company is quite rightly regarded as a driver of innovation throughout the spa and wellness industry. With its latest innovation, i.e. the unique steam inlet PSI or the optional and energy-saving KLAFS Green Steam package, KLAFS, not only visually but also technically, provides the best basis for its success on the market.

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