Beneficial, effective heat: get away from stress – in the sauna

Exhausted, irritated, stressed – especially now in the dark, cold season, many people feel downcast. It's not surprising: we feel like our lives are becoming faster and more frantic – and more stressful.

The alarming results of the major stress study carried out by the opinion research institute Forsa 2016 and commissioned by the Techniker-Krankenkasse are a clear indication of this: it stated that only 14 percent of Germans are never stressed. Almost 60 percent state that their personal stress level has gone up again over the last three years. The so-called sandwich generation (30 to 39 years of age) is experiencing particular strain as they frequently deal with increasingly stressful jobs, enhanced by digitalisation, and the many private challenges posed by children or parents in need of care.

It's hardly surprising that the number of stress-related sick leaves has continued to increase in recent years. At the same time, experts confirm that mental health-related complaints such as depression, anxiety or stress disorders already account for two and a half of the approximately 15 sick days (the annual average per capita).

That is why experts urge that anyone caught in the stress tap should regularly seek balance, so that the body and mind can rest and stress doesn’t cause illness. What better place for to unwind and draw new strength than the sauna? Numerous studies have shown that sauna sessions are ideally suited to break down unnecessary stress. In winter, when it's cold and wet outside, the days are short and there isn't much sunshine, the body and mind especially enjoy the beneficial heat that allows us to relax and regenerate.

A sauna session aids nervous harmonisation, restores hormonal balance and releases endorphins. Afterwards, one feels pleasantly refreshed. Sauna enthusiasts talk about stress dissolving into thin air. This effect is supported by resting after cooling off. Anyone who regularly visits a sauna feels permanently balanced.

It is particularly easy to bring the positive effects of regular sauna sessions into one's own home in the form of a sauna and “sanarium”: KLAFS, the leading manufacturer in the sauna, pool and spa sector and currently talked about all over the world because of the revolutionary, multi-award winning S1 zoom sauna, offers attractive design options for regular mini-wellness holidays at home. With design solutions for any room, the domestic sauna becomes a fountain of health and an ideal possibility to get through the uncomfortable season with the help of beneficial heat. And to stand up to the stress of every-day life in a more relaxed way throughout the entire year. Get away from stress – in the sauna.

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