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Bring the ancient ritual of sweat bathing to your own home with your own sauna

The warmth of a sauna or steam bath was once pure luxury for those who lived in colder climates. Since the dawn of time, people have felt the need to purify their bodies. Heating a large tub of water for washing required a great deal of energy, but people quickly discovered a more rational approach – to heat stones and place these inside a pit or an enclosed room and intensively heat a confined space. Not only the Finnish people can look back over a long tradition of sauna bathing; Indians in North America used the same technique. Nowadays, their “sweat huts” have come back into fashion, complete with various esoteric ingredients. Steam baths originated in Russia, but were known in southern and central Europe back in Roman times. In fact, it was the Romans who perfected the idea, constructing series of rooms with differing temperatures and levels of humidity. SaunaPUR® is KLAFS’ answer for recreating a Finnish smoke sauna – the ancient version with extremely even thermal radiation – in your home sauna.